Validation Of European Patents in Turkey

As Turkey is a EPC member state since November 1, 2000, granted European Patents can be validated in Turkey with a single application. Upon translation of the specification into Turkish and submission of the requirements, the application is filed and the registration procedure is commenced. Validated European Patents are treated as same with national patent applications and afford the same level of legal protection and it is valid for 20 years as from the filing date.

Due date for validation is 3 months as of the mention date of grant decision on the European Patent Bulletin and cannot be extendable. However, it is possible to file the translation thereof later by paying a fine.

Moreover, it is possible to enable provisional protection with regard to third parties within Turkey, by submitting Turkish translation of the claims to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office during the application stage of the European Patent. The protection starts when the Turkish translation of the claims is made available to the public via the Official Turkish Patent Bulletin of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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